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Tips to Consider When Choosing Car Awnings

Just like each automobile is unique so is every car awning. This article helps you decide on a good car awning that meets your needs.

Types of car awnings

There are two major kinds of awnings which are straight awnings and wing style awnings. Most people like straight awnings. The reason why straight awnings are popular is because they are cheap and they can be installed easily. Straight awnings also have accessories like rooms, walls and even mosquito nets. You can opt for a straight awning that has the accessories that match your needs. These awnings are simple to install and fit on various kinds of vehicles.

The other kind of awnings are wing-style awnings that use a pivot to cover the rear of the car as well as any other side. Another term for wing-styles awnings is 270 degree awnings One of the most common wing-style awnings can cover the tailgate of a truck and another side creating a lot of space. 270 degree awnings have various features like walls and extensions that provide cover against various weather elements like the rain, sun or wind.

These accessories are also good if you require space for many people. These awnings are popular among people that want more coverage on the rear of their vehicle for activities like games, cooking and field repairs.

The amount of coverage you need
If you intend to have various activities like cooking then choose a 270 degree car awning. However, if you just want some space to relax and shield yourself from the weather elements then go for a straight awning.

The size of the vehicle you are mounting the awning on

So long as you can safely mount an awning the choice on size of the awning depends on the buyer. An interesting observation is that people that own midsize SUVs and other cars purchase 2.0 meter awnings whereas people that have full size SUVs and trucks go for 2.5 meters long awnings.

Car awning material

Awning fabrics vary a lot when it comes to weight, strength and aesthetics. One of the lightest materials is light weight polyester that is quick to dry. Due to its lightness it is easy to handle, mount and package. These awnings are the best for short weekend activities These fabrics also vary in their texture; weave densities, weight and tautness.

There are also other kinds of polyesters that are stronger and last longer. Apart from these two types of materials there are acrylic awnings that last for many years. If you are looking for a durable awning that meets all your need then pay close attention to the tips discussed above.

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