A Brief History of Pathway Genomics

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Pathway Genomics is a medical diagnostic company that is working to empower patients as well as physicians with accessibility to tests that will improve overall wellness and specific health outcomes. The company was founded in 2008, and since then it has grown to become a leader in the healthcare industry. The following is a brief history of the company from 2008 until now.

The Founder

Pathway Genomics was founded by Jim Plante, an investor and leader in medical technology. He was inspired to start the diagnostics company after his father died due to complications from a genetically transmitted form of kidney disease. Knowing that his father’s illness might have been prevented had it been detected earlier sparked Plante’s interest in making more diagnostic testing available to everyone. He served as CEO of Pathway Genomics from 2008 until 2017. Plante is currently the CEO of the biotechnology company Klothotherapeutics.


Pathway Genomics has developed a range of diagnostic products designed to promote health and wellness. They have a variety of products designed to help users identify and attain their healthy weight by recommending specific diets according to their genetic makeup. Pharmacogenomics is another category of products designed to inform patients about how their bodies respond to commonly prescribed medications. For cancer patients, Pathway Genomics has developed a liquid biopsy that detects cancer through the presence of certain gene mutations.

Partnership With IBM

In 2014, Pathway Genomics partnered with IBM to develop the OME app, a mobile app that combines a user’s personal genetic and biometric data with artificial intelligence to provide highly personalized and real-time lifestyle recommendations. In addition to a DNA sample that users submit by mail, the app also collects data on phenotype, electronic health records, and health insurance information in order to provide the most accurate health advice. The app is still in development but will be released soon.

As Pathway Genomics continues to grow, it adheres closely to the core values of a personalized approach to healthcare and wellness and the democratization of medicine. The leaders and innovators of this company believe that the key to better health outcomes is to bring the latest technology into healthcare.