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Carpet Cleaning Techniques that Carpet Cleaners Use

A clean carpet enhances the overall appearance of the house. Carpet cleaning experts remove the toughest of stains on carpets of all fibers. The dark areas on the carpet that have been attributed by the constant tracking of the feet because of the high traffic of the area in which the carpet is laid are removed regular carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning removes the dust, bacteria, and allergens that are trapped in the carpet fibers to maintain a healthy environment for your breathing system and the skin. Carpet cleaning methods that are offered by carpet cleaners are several as discussed below.

Carpet shampooing technique has been in existence before encapsulation cleaning. Use shampoo cleaning for a heavily soiled carpet instead of foam encapsulation because the former will do a better job than the latter. One disadvantage with shampooing the carpet is that the carpet becomes sticky when it dries the carpet is not rinsed thoroughly to remove all the residues of shampoo detergents from the carpet. Do not shampoo your carpet if you are not sure of the detergents to use on it because you can damage its fibers when you sue the wrong detergents.

The carpet dries up faster and less water when it is cleaned through foam encapsulation than carpet shampooing thus more people are embracing foam encapsulation carpet cleaning. Encapsulation carpet cleaning uses synthetic detergents that are environmentally friendly because they leave less chemical residue than in shampoo cleaning. The detergents crystallize and dry into powder; hence, encapsulating the loose dirt particles in the carpet. The carpet is vacuumed or brushed afterward to remove the dry powder of detergents. Carpet cleaners use equipment that leave no residue or if it does they will clean it before they leave your home.

When carpet cleaners talk of steam carpet cleaning they also mean hot water extraction carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaners use water that is under high pressure on the carpet to clean it if you take the carpet to them for steam carpet cleaning. The carpet is then brushed, rinsed using special equipment and dries in an air-conditioned room that has regulated temperature.

In bonnet carpet cleaning, the experts use a heavy-duty automatic machine that is fixed with a spinning pad. The dirt that is on the surface of the carpet is absorbed by a cleaning pad that has been immersed into a solution. It is suitable for carpets that are in heavy traffic public areas because it leaves less moisture and the carpet dries quickly to prevent causing inconvenience to those who need to pass through the place.

Dry carpet cleaning, also called compound cleaning is more effective and efficient than other carpet cleaning methods. This technique is the latest on the market that is getting more popular since it does not need drying the carpet.

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