Factors that Dictate Manhood in the 21st Century
It is evident that the environment that we live in today is not the same environment that our Fathers lived in. Therefore the modern man seeks to truly understand himself and define his manhood.
This is not an easy process in defining manhood within a contemporary society.
Here are some few tips to help you in becoming manly in this daunting world.
Being a man is in line with your ability to coexist with a society full of different people.
The first process to undertake is to identify what makes you tick. Whatever goals you set for yourself as a man will be used to determine you are accomplishments within the society. A man in the 21st century is enlightened to pursue their inborn purpose in life as opposed to fulfilling the expectations of relatives parents and even the society. The next factor that a true man will always have is a good value system.
A man should not always be arrogant and brute.
Humanity has inborn sensitivity towards other people’s feelings and needs and that should always be the case.
And therefore bulling, use of abusive language and harmful physical force is a display of weakness and avoid within the manhood system.
To be a true man in the 21st century demands for enlightenment and insights.
It is true that an enlightened man will always have inner peace with himself and therefore be in a better position to appreciate the society and take care of the needs of others.
Due to the pursuit of peace by the modern man, we hereby experience an increase about yoga and meditation.
Another guideline for one who in the 21st century will be the very controversial gender roles.
The function and purpose of man in the context of relationships has really been morphed out of its original form.
New ideologies are experienced in the contemporary society wiping out the boundaries or division of labour and how that existed in the past times.
In the modern society the best system has been achieved by a couple agreeing on what best works out for them.
The modern man is also shaped by the fatherhood system that is in place.
Despite the fact that a man was not expected to spend their life at home with their children yet in the modern society this is a common phenomenon.
Above all learning to be a real man will demand a lot of patience and it is a process that takes time.
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