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Why Taking Greek Yoghurt is Good for Your Health

Is there any difference between regular yoghurt and Greek yoghurt? With Greek yoghurt, there’s an additional process that involves removing whey. Whey is the lactose- containing liquid in yoghurt. Sugar content is therefore reduced in Greek yoghurt, in comparison to regular yoghurt. Removing whey consequently makes Greek yoghurt thicker and creamier. Below are some reasons why Greek yoghurt should be on your next shopping list.

Your health stands to improve a great deal if you eat Greek yoghurt since it has many nutrients including protein, iodine, calcium and vitamin B-12. There are other benefits such as:

Easily Home-made
Contrary to what you might think, making Greek yoghurt at home does not involve any fancy equipment or many ingredients. Apart from your every-day kitchen necessities, all you need is refrigeration and enough time. You are sure to get it right even the first time, since the recipes are available online and are very easy to follow. This way,you get to save a few bucks and engage in a fun pastime.

Cuts on Your Hunger and Appetite
Greek yoghurt is rich in protein and hence makes people fuller for a longer time. As a result, you’ll end up eating less than you would have. You’ll therefore eat less calories and in the long run lose some weight.

Essential for Healthy Bones
Among the things essential for bone health are protein and calcium, which you’ll find in Greek yoghurt. Taking Greek yoghurt therefore lessens the risk of osteoporosis and generally boosts bone health.

Increase in the Mass of Muscles
As already pointed out, Greek yoghurt is rich in protein, which is very essential in building muscle mass. People doing resistance training will find this very useful.

Helps Promote the Health of Your Gut
The probiotics in Greek yoghurt are very useful in balancing the bacteria found in your gut.
Important for Lowering Blood Pressure
Recent studies show that the probiotics in fermented milk lower blood pressure. Take Greek yoghurt and avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital and drugs.

Has a Positive Effect on Mental Health
A research showed that people who eat probiotic yoghurt experience less anxiety, stress and depression. This can be attributed to the relationship between the brain and the gut, and the gut’s important role in making neurotransmitters like dopamine.

Not all Greek yoghurt out there is traditional, since some manufacturers just add thickening agents to regular yoghurt and this doesn’t have the same benefits to your health as Greek yoghurt. Similarly, taking Greek yoghurt with low or zero fat is not the same as the traditional, in terms of health benefits.

Just because plain Greek yoghurt is the most healthy does not mean flavored yoghurt isn’t. For sweetness, pieces of fresh fruit or a few drops of honey ought to do the trick.

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